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Chengdu first loop metro line 7 the deepest underground running tunnel through smoothly

Date: 2016-01-06

International online news (reporter Zhang Xiangtao Zhi-wei ding) : reporters from China railway six innings and railway construction company, according to sichuan province first loop line of chengdu metro line 7 the deepest underground running tunnel, this also opened in 2017 have laid a solid foundation.
Line 7, is the first loop line of chengdu metro, total length of 38.61 km, along a 31 sites, of which 18 sites for transfer to the station, north in series to the train station, the train station, the train station three important railway traffic hub, after opened, round-the-clock operation time for 18 hours, cut in a day of traffic is expected to reach 2.5 million people.37 meters underground running tunnel buried deep in the well versed in, is the no. 7 line across the deepest underground tunnel.
The latest "chengdu city fast orbit transportation construction programming", according to the article will form 9 to 2020 chengdu rail transit lines, construction of about 332 kilometers subway line network, the daily passenger traffic of about 6 million people, became the most complex, the western region of China's largest, the most complete of function of transportation hub.