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New south road reconstruction Ming up bus new south road station, grind bridge station

Date: 2016-01-06

Chengdu, the sichuan news network on January 6 (reporter Andy) sichuan news net reporter learned from the chengdu bus group that is upgraded to cope with new south road, Ming (January 7) for supporting new south road to specification, adjust the bus stops.
Specific plan is as follows:
One, the "new south road station" a station about 100 meters north, involving the stop line 10, 55, 76, 62, 237, 21, 49, 6 road;
Second, cancel the original set up of the "new south road station", the bus 6, 28 road into the "new south road station" fixed station tents dock position;
Three, will be out of the city direction "grind bridge station" to set up, set up the "grind bridge station" in the original site after about 100 meters, involving the stop line 49, 55, 76;The origin a dock for 6, 62;
4, 62, will go to town direction "grind bridge station" (10537) to "grind bridge station" (10299).Sichuan news net reporter noticed that, according to the adjustment direction of the city road 62 "grind bridge station" will move in the direction of a loop.