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Chengdu "pseudo base station" sending digital illegal text messages Citizens to guard against being cheated

Date: 2016-01-06

Chengdu, the sichuan news network on January 5 news (reporter Zhang Zhaoting) recently, the chengdu police department finds that the use of mobile phone to send digital to citizens "pseudo base station" illegal prompting, SMS text messages can more accurately grasp the owner's name, phone number, license plate, and the specific violations to defraud the public trust, and built-in malicious url links in the message (such as www.cdjgj.gov.cn or DWZ. Cn / 2 oxyry, etc.) or phone number, induce people to click or call, on the grounds that the binding of bank CARDS to pay fines for telecom fraud.
Recently, the chengdu police traffic police a bureau in progress to the second ring road north road crossroads, found a drive from the east to the west of the white car in violation of the ban flag indicates, then the police came near, and motioned for vehicle pull over, but the car driver refused to civilian police command and accelerate away from the scene.Police immediately notified the police on duty ahead to intercept, when police followed suspicious vehicle to yulin north road, found the car driver had his car to escape.Inspection on suspicious vehicle, the police in a car seized a suspected "pseudo base station of wireless transmitters, related items involved in the case is now transferred to district public security bureau to investigate further processing.
Chengdu police tip:
A, do not believe that message in the network link and telephone number for inquiries.
Chengdu police send to the citizen digital illegal prompt message content, without any Internet links and query number.Chengdu traffic police's official website: www.cdjg.gov.cn, please citizens pay attention to identify the authenticity.
Second, do not optional revealed that bank card account number and password.
Chengdu police won't ask for any reason the bank card account number and password, the chengdu police official website has not yet been enlightened net pay fines digital business.Traffic law and horse tube business can go to the traffic police bureau, traffic police brigade, postal savings bank traffic police station to deal with.
Third, do not disclose personal information and vehicle information at will.
At present, the traffic police have not yet opened in chengdu mobile phone APP terminal, citizens do not reveal personal id information in informal web site or workplace, telephone and motor vehicle plate, chassis number and engine number or other information, to avoid the use of.
Fourth, in case of doubt, can call the chengdu police service hotline "962122".
On December 2, 2015, the collection "congestion for help, consulting, business of police to deal with, people collect, interaction between the people and to report complaints, the supervision" as one "962122 traffic police service hotline" has been opened, citizens should deal with JiaGuan business, digital illegal query, can undertake advisory to dial "962122", can also go to the police station, the traffic police brigade or the nearest police inquiry mail convenient service point.
See clear digital illegal prompt standard style
Chengdu police illegal electronic eye tip text styles as follows:
Chengdu, chengdu bureau 】 【 traffic police clew: A XXXXX in 2015-12-30 in sichuan people's south road of four - the second ring road (A loop) implementation in violation of the ban flag indicates violations, please accept treatment to the traffic police department in A timely manner.