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"Qionglai tourism photo exhibition on" appearance in the capital Beijing

Date: 2015-10-06

Chengdu, sichuan news channel on September 2 - recently, sponsored by the sichuan provincial tourism administration, qionglai city forestry and tourism administration and Beijing bashu academies to undertake the "sichuan tourism theme (Beijing) exhibition" "qionglai tourism photo exhibition on" kicked off in Beijing office in sichuan province people's government.
The "sichuan tourism theme (Beijing) exhibition" to the "hometown of gentleman Drunken beauty qionglai "as the theme, and around the" sichuan qionglai entered the Beijing tourism exhibition "will have a two-month exhibition.In 2013, as the southern silk road first the qionglai city by the state council included in "national ecological cultural tourism integration development experimental zone", its unique charm of tourism favored by more and more tourists.Qionglai is China's best tourist city and county-level cities of chengdu, as the earliest fortification of the chengdu plain county one of the three ancient city, is a microcosm of chengdu geography humanities, also is the epitome of the leapfrog development of chengdu.The, qionglai with "southern silk road" of the first city of location advantage and abundant tourism resources, heavy historical and cultural background, as the only representative of chengdu in sichuan tourism (Beijing) "theme exhibition".The photo exhibition in qionglai mountains and waters humanities for skeleton, use the form of pictures show, highlight the qionglai "good ecological environment", "rich tourism resources", "peculiar geographical feature", "harmonious humanistic environment" tourism culture connotation.High quality images of the panel, also let qionglai shamrock to show the beautiful natural resources and unique folk customs, vividly presented in the front of Beijing residents as well as international and domestic tourists.
It is understood that the window of the Beijing office in Beijing as in sichuan, sichuan province, have several related exhibitions in a row, the "hometown of gentleman Drunken beauty qionglai "exhibition since August 15, exhibition area of more than 300 square meters, will last for two months.There are many Beijing residents in Beijing, the offices of bashu painting, on the afternoon of August 18, and main research leadership in Beijing office also in sichuan province to watch.
"This is the first time the qionglai tourism enters Beijing theme awareness month activities, mainly is to promote tourism resources of qionglai, let more people know the sichuan silk road city, south of shangri-la -- -- qionglai, enhance the visibility and influence of qionglai tourism, at the same time, through the theme of the cross-regional boutique tourist route to promote, highlight qionglai tourist route in the large area, the importance of pushing more potential tourists to Qiong. During the two-month exhibition activities, we based on the photo exhibition, will form a complete set of related promotion activities, let more Beijing residents, the masses of domestic and international tourists into the qionglai, experience qionglai", takes tourism department officials said.