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Chengdu "smart" upcoming WIFI street lamp Can collect data around

Date: 2016-01-06

A line of hitting
SONY light source in the world the "rare earth phosphor" technology, effectively solved the world lighting industry could conquer the bottleneck of "giant", also raised the LED product life, 728 received a variety of patents, head start in the new energy industry
In 2020, sichuan can strive to enter the China top 200 enterprises, cultivating, wind power, photovoltaic power grids, distributed energy, small micro huimin finance, gas energy, and other fields of the listed company, become the domestic influential large-scale integrated energy companies.
In March 2015, the prado 2.7 L offline and go public in chengdu;May, Germany basf, the United States, the world top 500 enterprises and the treasure to insurance, Migu music, science and technology, a new vibration core victor biotechnology, BeiTaiFu medical, Australia wally parsons eight projects located in chengdu high-tech zone;On June 3, comac group in rong move later, comac commercial demonstration industrial park was officially founded will build here after the completion of flight simulation training, aircraft maintenance engineering technical support, material support, the big four business sectors...
In 2015, the chengdu focus on structural adjustment, promote economic efficiency upgrading quality.In the past year, chengdu put restructuring in prominent locations, promoting the transformation to restructuring, to promote the transformation of mass effect, efforts to strengthen urban industry core competitiveness.
Break their limitations, transformation and upgrading continuously, is the guide direction of industry planning, and their own quality, and the efficiency of the important means.Since 2015, the effort in chengdu many enterprises.Recently, can shoot and private enterprises in sichuan sichuan SONY light source co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as the "SONY light source") "marriage", sichuan can cast acquired a 40% stake in SONY light.Sichuan can cast the chairman guo tells a reporter, SONY light will work with r&d team in silicon valley, develop the industrial chain, among them, the key innovation project - "WIFI street lamp" is listed.
Booster wisdom city
WIFI around street lamp can also be collected data
"We bought a SONY light source, will create more new energy projects."Few days, can shoot in sichuan office, guo told reporters in the path of transformation and upgrading of the years, among them, the SONY light source with the private enterprise development "WIFI street lamp" as his analytical focus.
SONY light source is the chengdu high-tech zone a new energy enterprise, independent research and development of the SONY light rare earth phosphor technology to get success, after a European giant hope to use 200 million euros for SONY lighting, but he refused.SONY light source to oneself the stationing of North America, Europe, South America and other markets.Over the years, the company's foreign market sales growth at an average annual rate of 20%, accounting for the proportion of its total sales increased year by year.
After qianshou, SONY light began to broaden the industrial chain, on the one hand, will increase to the new material, especially rare earth luminescent material, LED phosphors and communication efforts in research and development of LED phosphors.Including agriculture lighting, SONY lighting lighting system will automatically judge natural light, moisture, temperature, humidity, such as plant growth environment, and for accurate configuration light spectrum.
Wisdom, on the other hand, urban management become the key.At present, the company is working with the r&d team in silicon valley, a join many sensor upcoming "WIFI street lamp", "not only comes with WIFI, weather, environment, traffic, such as stream of people, logistics, data will be captured, is equal to the use of intelligent lighting equipment to develop the wisdom of the city."The equipment will also research and development of indoor version, is applicable to family, shopping malls, guo said, "with the Internet of things, will create smart home management system."