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Residence permit integral settled in chengdu "trial measures" has formed a nativity

Date: 2016-01-06

Has formed the integral settled in chengdu try out, wait for after further perfect timing...Yesterday, chengdu commercial daily reporter learned from the chengdu city government's official website that the abolition of "chengdu residence permit management regulations", implement the residence permit management measures for the implementation of chengdu four days later, the public security bureau of chengdu to the reading of the procedures.
The period of validity of the temporary residence permit June 30
On January 1 of chengdu abolished "chengdu residence permit management regulations", at the same time, stop to deal with temporary residence permit and extension.Policy interpretation, the public security bureau of public security to prevent the population of chengdu management team division marshal horsepower, said: "on December 31, 2015, the period of validity of the residence of chengdu continue to be valid, after the annual visa formalities, can in the new residence permit; the period of validity of the temporary residence of chengdu conform to the requirements as prescribed in the measures for the implementation of the related in redemption before June 30, 2016."
According to reporter understanding, the residence of chengdu is divided into "temporary residence permit of chengdu" and "chengdu residence permit", is the holder of living in the residence, as the population of permanent residents to enjoy basic public services and facilities, the application for registration of the permanent residence certificate.
"The tentative management measures for residence permit integral"
Will a nativity
"By the end of 2014, the city has a population of 2014 people, with population of 12.1 million people, overseas to paste the floating population of 4.97 million people. The five city and chengdu high-tech zone has a population of 6.56 million people."HP said in the reading, according to the provisional regulations on the "residence permit of the state council, chengdu, formulate the measures for the implementation of the.In the provisional regulations on the state council "residence permit clear, the urban population of more than 5 million extra large city and large city shall, according to the comprehensive carrying capacity of cities and economic and social development needs, with legitimate stable employment and stable legal residence, to participate in urban social insurance fixed number of year, continuous living life as the main indexes such as, set up perfect integral locating system.
Have learned, at present, the municipal development and reform commission on the basis of "much starker choices-and graver consequences-in population development planning", has formed the tentative management measures for the residence permit of chengdu integral (hereinafter referred to as the "trial measures"), has been clear about the residence permit holders can enjoy different levels according to the residence permit integral of basic public services and facilities, scientific the residence permit integral settle measures."But with" trial measures "are still in the research, to be led by the municipal development and reform commission (NDRC) after we will continue to improve the timing.
The public security organ
Shall have the right to check the holder information
"Article 21 of the procedures, including the legal nature and scope of application, certificate application and management, to enjoy the basic public services and facilities, residence permit use and check, the government and related departments responsibility, effective date, and so on six aspects."Horsepower, according to the interpretation in order to ensure the timely grasp to rong personnel information, on the basis of the information measures for the registration of the floating population in sichuan province (order no. 279 of the provincial government), the residence time of 6 months to rong personnel into the scope of residential registration, improve the level of fine management;Residence time of 6 months, will be registered as a precondition of applying for residence permit to live.At the same time, has been clear about the declare artificially to rong personal or unit of choose and employ persons, leases homeowners.
And in order to ensure to implement rong personnel credentials to enjoy convenient service, specify the holder to enjoy the basic public services and facilities, the relevant departments shall check the residence permit.The public security organ to the holder of the living information shall have the right to the door for verification.Chengdu commercial daily reporter dream