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The cold air to sichuan tomorrow Most of the urban air quality in sichuan back to good

Date: 2016-01-06

On January 5, the environmental monitoring station, sichuan province issued recent urban air pollution situation analysis in the province.On January 4, 2016, the province city air quality maintaining regional pollution situation.21 city state capital city daily average concentrations of PM2.5 is 101.6 mu g/m3, up 2.3% on the day.Among them, the city of zigong, mianyang, meishan 3 heavy pollution, chengdu, neijiang, nanchong, yibin, luzhou, deyang, cross, dazhou, bilateral 9 city for moderate pollution, guangyuan, suining, leshan, for light pollution from 4 city, panzhihua, ya 'an city 2 for the good, the rest of the city for the better.
As of January 5, 16, chengdu, yibin for severe pollution, zigong, luzhou, deyang, mianyang, guangyuan, leshan for moderate pollution, suining, neijiang, nanchong, meishan, dazhou, ya, great for light pollution, the rest of the city for a good or excellent.
According to the environmental monitoring station of sichuan province, on January 6, there will be a cold front north from the northeast sichuan province to province;7-8, the province will have a wide range of temperature and rainfall process.Is expected to 6, affected by the cold air from north to south air quality in our province will have an improved process;7-8, most of the urban air quality in our province will restore to the excellent or good.